Affordable housing construction is an industry dependent on tax credit financing, requiring a depth of understanding and discipline not commonly found in a general contractor. Our industry demands tight pricing deadlines and adherence to strict payment and performance regulation. It requires that we build from imperfect drawings completed with compressed design timelines, and ultimately that we meet strict completion schedules or face the loss of critical funding. A multi-family affordable housing builder faces challenges that only a team with intimate and deep multi-disciplinary experience can understand and mitigate.

LENA Construction brings backgrounds in construction, design, engineering and finance to the table and combines lifetime careers in large-scale construction, multi-family housing design and adherence to public agency regulation to create a truly unique building partner in affordable housing. We’re confident that our knowledge and sensitivity to these disciplines – that our ability to think not just as builders, but to understand the needs and intentions of residents, designers and owners alike – puts us in our own class. We build on time, on budget and without compromise.